Staying Active

After two weeks of spending most of the time indoors and not being able to do as many of the things you usually do, remember to get some exercise in. While you can’t play contact team sports at the moment, there are other things you could do daily. Remember it’s a good idea to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity every day.

If you have a backyard, perhaps some gardening to get the yard ready for sping and summer – if you are registered for WEX12 you can even count some of these hours!

Go for a walk (if you are able to keep a 2 metre distance from others), walk a dog, cycle around your community.

Here is a Facebook group with soccer skills activities that can even be done in smaller spaces such as in the house (if your parents let you!):

Create a mini fitness routine – there are lots of videos on youtube that can help you get started.

A dance mat on a games console is a great way to get moving or you could just dance around your roomto your favourite songs.

Here are some other options:

What are some things are doing to stay active? I’m going for walks at the end of every day and starting every morning with some simple yoga stretches. Let me know in the comments.

Ms Robertson

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on this online educational journey! Like many of you, I am learning to use new technologies so I can connect with you while we do our part to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.  Make the most of your time with family.  Learn how to cook, or knit, or change motor oil, or any other skills that one of your elders can teach you.  Maybe you can teach your parents and grandparents how to make a TikTok video.

On this website I will post links to any useful and interesting websites I come across.  Learning is a journey and shouldn’t always be about the destination, an assignment, or the grade. It should be an opportunity to explore interests you are passionate about and practise skills that you may need or want to use in the future.  While you’re waiting for regular classes to be distributed online by class teachers on April 13th, I will post some activities and ideas by the end of this week to keep you occupied. These might be numeracy and literacy games, through to exploring the museums of the world.

I challenge you to keep some kind of journal over the next few weeks, it could be a videolog, a blog, a scrapbook, or a traditional journal because one day this COVID-19 pandemic will be in history books and you’ll be helping to write history!

I will be posting updates this week with my virtual ‘open-office’ hours for students to connect with me.  This will be a set time a couple of times a week to ‘check-in’ if you want to, share a positive story from your week, ask for help if your struggling with school work or having difficulty knowing who to contact for supports.  I look forward hearing from you soon.

Ms. Robertson